2D/1N Mount Kinabalu Package

Those who would consider choosing the 2D1N Mount Kinabalu package will find a truly challenging vacation waiting for them. As you will see, however, the effort of climbing up one of the two routes to the 4095m high peak will be well worth it when you see the majestic view from the top of the Mt. Kinabalu summit. You will find the itinerary for the 2D1N Mount Kinabalu package to be quite straightforward: On the first day, you will be […]


3D/2N Mount Kinabalu Package

Without a doubt, the 3D2N Mount Kinabalu package is one of the most engaging programs you can choose for your holiday, combining the relaxation of buffet dinners and exploration trips through the Kinabalu National Park with the engaging experience of climbing Mount Kinabalu’s challenging heights. If you are seeking both adventure and leisure, this is the perfect vacation you can take that will not only provide you with beautiful and relaxing scenery, but keep you in shape as well by […]


1 Day Mount Kinabalu Climb

As one of the most extreme climbing packages you will find in Malaysia, the 1 Day Mount Kinabalu climb will quite possibly be one of the most challenging adventures you have taken part in, as it will test your endurance, climbing skill and ability to maintain a positive mindset as you set out on the twisty, almost 9 km long trails to the peak of the mountain. Usually, the two trails that this package contains are reserved for two different […]


2D/1N Walk the Torq Via Ferrata

People who are bored with regular hiking and want to experience an alternative that will provide them with a true climbing challenge are able to choose the 2D1N Walk the Torq Via Ferrata climb as an alternative to the well-known path to the tallest heights of Mount Kinabalu. Those who have gone on a Via Ferrata climb on Mt. Kinabalu before know that it is a complete climbing experience. Unlike regular hikes, however, your schedule will be far more densely […]


2D/1N Lows Peak Via Ferrata

Climbing Mount Kinabalu is already a challenge for most tourists, and not many have the courage of taking on the 2D1N Lows Peak Via Ferrata challenge, especially after a long and difficult climb on the Timpohon Gate path. The hike to the well-known Laban Rata huts about 3300 meters above sea level is already a challenging experience for newbie climbers, especially when it comes to choosing one of the extreme climbing packages that ends up testing their endurance and strength. […]


2D/1N Mount Kinabalu Extreme Climb

For people who choose the 2D1N Mount Kinabalu extreme climb, getting through both days can be an interesting challenge. Even though during the first day you will basically have the freedom to explore the Kinabalu National Park, you will need a good night’s rest, since you will start the second day bright and early in the A.M. with a 3 and a half hour hike. One of the great advantages of choosing a two day trip to Mount Kinabalu is […]


Poring Hot Spring

If you want to take some of the most beautiful memories home from your Kota Kinabalu vacation, but you’re not really into climbing packages that would allow you to see the scenic views from the top of Mount Kinabalu, a visit to the Poring Hot Spring & Nature Reserve might be just the thing you need for adding more color to your holiday, while also keeping it at a “leisure level”. Named after a native species of bamboo, the region […]

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    Hi @Ridhwan @deanna clark, Thank you very much for the comments below. Please check your inbox for further details. Cheers, Sam

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    enquiring about 30 people on 6-7 april 2015 for 2 days 1 night...

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    Hi Samuel, Do you have an opening in march or april for the 3d2n climb, Mesilau Gate Track. Prefer march 28-30,29-31 [...]

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    Hi..can you check for me for tw0 from Germany and 1 Malaysian.. If still available on 12-13 September.. Package 2D1N..thank [...]

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    Hi Kim, Thank you for the comment :-) We have sent the information to your email. Please let us know should you [...]

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